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CloudNetEngine vSwitch 2.1 boosts virtual network performance further

CloudNetEngine vSwitch 2.1 uses a very unique network stack to serve both NFV workloads and Enterprise workloads with the most high performance in the industry.

CloudNetEngine vSwitch 1.0 Performance

Performance comparison among Native OVS, OVS-DPDK (with the latest version) and CloudNetEngine vSwitch 1.0.

CNE vSwitch Boosts NFV Performance Significantly Again

CloudNetEngine vSwitch boosts NFV performance significantly again in update 4, for 64/128 bytes traffic, it's more than double OVS-DPDK's throughput.

CloudNetEngine vSwitch boosts performance for Cloud and NFV use cases

CNE vSwitch boosts performance for both NFV and Cloud use cases in technical preview update 3, and we share more exciting data here.

vSwitch Performance Comparison for NFV Use Case

Here is a simple virtual switch performance comparison for NFV use case in which the packet flow is normally pNIC -> vSwitch -> VM -> vSwitch -> pNIC

More performance comparisons on virtual switches

CloudNetEngine vSwitch techical preview update 1 is released today, and we also share more performance comparison data on Native kernel OVS, OVS-DPDK and CNE vSwitch.

A simple vswitches performance comparison

A simple performance comparison among native kernel OVS/OVS-DPDK/CNE vswitch